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Week 2: Where is God in that which is every day, routine and ordinary?

I have always found it easy to feel close to God when I am away from home, whether on a mission trip, walking on a beach, or far above the clouds in an airplane.  The trickier part of a life of faith is feeling connected to God in the middle of everyday life.  This is an important part of our life of faith because we spend the vast majority of our lives in the routine of day in day out living.

Cindy Rigby will be our preacher and teacher this weekend.  She is W. C. Brown Professor of Theology at Austin Presbyterian Seminary.  Here are some words of hers on this topic.

I used to look for meaning in extraordinary things. In winning unexpectedly. In overcoming obstacles and odds. In crucifixion and resurrection; death and birth; the triumph of the smallest of good over the worst of evil.

But I’m learning, these days, that meaning is found more in the ordinary things. In the ten-minute conversation I have with my husband over morning coffee, when we laugh at something that bothered us the evening before. In the work my son and I are doing on his fourth-grade school project, molding little clay dwellings to the ripple of his happy sweet voice explaining to me how the Jumano Indians boiled water by dropping in piping hot stones first heated in adobe ovens. In the conversation I have with a quiet student right after class; something has “clicked” for her that may or may not reshape her thinking. Who knows…

It is through love for this world and its gifts that meaning can be found. Love for this world broken and extraordinary, ordinary and beautiful.

Questions for Discussion: Where do you see God in your everyday life?  What mundane moments speak to you of God’s presence and grace?

For another perspective on discovering God in the ordinary, watch this video featuring Chris Heuertz.  Chris is an advocate on behalf of women and children victimized by human trafficking.  This work has taken Chris to more than 70 countries working among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor.

-Amy Miracle, Pastor