Daily Archives: February 27, 2015

Bedtime Faith Rituals Milestone

Last Sunday, we shared in the joy of young children and their parents opening up the Bible – the story of God and God’s people.

The Bedtime Faith Rituals Milestone connects church and home by introducing families to new children’s Bibles. Each family chooses a children’s Bible for their family and makes a covenant to read it together.





The Children of God Storybook Bible by Desmond Tutu opens up fifty+ bible stories through gorgeous art, highlighting God’s desire for all people to love one another and to find peace and forgiveness in their hearts.
The Spark Story Bible retells 150 of the most popular Bible stories, all accompanied by a little caterpillar named Squiggles, who quickly catches the attention of young children and encourages their imagination.
The Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, puts Jesus at the center of the large arc of God’s story.  It’s small! It’s the easiest for young children to hold.

Want to know more about the Bible as an adult?  An easy way to start and encounter lots of stories is through reading a children’s Bible!

Good reading to you and yours,