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Worship through Music

Recently, our confirmation and high school youth were talking about the importance of worship and how each part of worship guides us during our worship experience.  As part of the lesson, we designed our own worship service by choosing “secular” songs for 6 parts of worship.  They had a list of songs to choose from, and they looked at the lyrics and listened to music.  Our youth then chose the ones they thought may work best.  They were challenged to see and hear the song with God and worship in mind.

Music can be a very spiritual experience and framing songs we hear on the radio in the context of worship can offer a reminder during the week to see how God is present in our everyday lives.

We wanted to share this 25 minute worship experience with you to use, too.

  • Call to Worship: Awake My Soulby Mumford & Sons
  • Prayer of Confession: Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Assurance of Forgiveness: Unconditionally by Katy Perry
  • Scripture/Sermon, Proclaiming the Good News: Make You Feel My Love by Adele
  • Prayers of the People: Ain’t No Reasonby Brett Dennen
  • Benediction: Fix Youby Cold Play

To have this worship experience here are a few options:

  • Click here for a YouTube playlist and hit “play all” – This will play the 6 songs with the lyrics playing.  (Note: there may be an ad or two to skip through.)
  • If you have Spotify, click here for the playlist.
  • You can also choose to buy the songs on itunes.

This also made some of the youth think about additional songs that they listen to that are worshipful for them.  Two youth suggested other songs for the Confession: Say Something  by Great Big World and Saving Me by Nickelback.  The band Gungor recently released an album called “A Creation Liturgy” as an attempt to integrate their spiritual music into a worship service. We know if we have songs that inspire us to worship and think of God, you all do too.
Please comment below and share other songs you know and love that you think may be worshipful if heard with worship and God in mind.